Feb 10


The 728 Cadets are only 4 years strong this year. Every year we strive to improve the program. This year we are starting the season earlier so we are more prepared when the competition begins.

When updating due dates and such on forms this year, we didn’t take into account the earlier start to the season. This is the reasoning behind the following changes to payments and due dates:

$50 Deposit due on 3-10 Practice 6-9:00
$100* Deposit on 3-31 Practice 6-9:00
4-1 Uniforms Ordered*
$50 Payment on 4-29 Practice 6-9:00
Balance Due on 5-26 Practice 6-9:00
(after dinkle and sibling discounts)

Veterans will be fitted for their uniform during the Rookie Practice on 3-3
Rookies will be fitted during the following practices: 3-10, 3-14, 3-21

We spread the payments out to avoid a lump sum due. However, you are more than welcome to make a onetime payment.

Registration Forms (Jr & Sr) are still due on the 10th. If you have not already submitted the paperwork, you can turn it into one of the school band directors. (Mr. Rosner, Mr. Biegler, Mrs. Klingelhofer, Mrs. Potvin, etc.)


You can mail it to:
728 Cadets
PO Box 897
Elk River MN 55330

Thank you ~ Eileen

*This $100 becomes non-refundable when a uniform is ordered on 4-1 for a student.
*A Uniform will not be ordered for a student until there has been a $100 deposit.