Mar 02

Eileens Update

Thursday, March 3rd, 6:00 – 9:00

> Rookies* report for Practice

Dress casual:  Sweats / Sneakers / Loose Fitting Clothing

NO Sandals / Flip Flops / Skinny Jeans :)

> Veterans report for Fittings

Please stop in between 6 & 8:30 to try on your uniform from last year.

This is required.

If you are unable to attend this practice or any other practice or parade, it is required that you contact one of the directors within a reasonable amount of time.  Preferably by the night before.  You can send an email to this email box and we will make sure the directors receive your message.

Updated Registration Form.  If you have not already submitted any registration from, please send one with your student on Thursday, March 3rd.  We need these a.s.a.p.

We are still welcoming any students interested in participating this season!  If you know of anyone, please have them attend the practice this Thursday.  It is still not too late.

The background check form from the school district.  If you plan on riding the bus to any events or chaperoning in Alexandria, we require you complete and submit this form.  If you are not an employee of the school district, it is free.  Completed forms should be submitted to Wendy Beran**.  They can be mailed, scanned or faxed.

Last, but not least…  Here is this season’s 728 Cadet Parent Board:

Nancy Tracy          President

Randy Kvalheim                Vice-President

Cindy Meyer          Treasurer

Katie Alfveby                  Secretary

Sarah Schultz                 Uniforms

Laurie Richard                 Fundraising

Paul Meyer             Transportation

Eileen Schuck                  Communication

We still have two positions open: Member-At-Large (x2).  Your roll here would be to add an extra view point to meeting discussions, vote on agenda items, get familiar with the whole board process, etc.  If you are interested, please let one of us know.  Honest!  It’s pretty painless.  :)

Thank you   ~ Eileen