May 27

Zimmerman Parade & Current Calendar

The highlighted Parades and Festivals are confirmed. Click for 2011_Calender_5-27-11

ALL                  [who should be attending]

2:00pm           [what time they need to be at the school]

RH                   [which school to report to]

Brooklyn Park

Tater Days      [parade/festival]

(6:00)             [start time for parade/festival]


We will be meeting in the back parking lot of the Zimmerman High School – Between 8:45 & 9:00.

The parade is scheduled to start at 12:00.  Streets begin closing at 11:00.  There is some construction, but you are able to drive to the school.


728 Cadet T-Shirts will be given to each student.  This t-shirt is part of the uniform and Cadets are required to wear this T-Shirt to every parade.*


Form fitting shorts are best – no particular color required.  NO jeans, cargo, or baggy shorts.


You will be asked to take it off – Leave it at home.


Will be tucked up into the Shako.  We will use ponytails, bobby pins and headbands to achieve this, on both girls and boys.


Black socks that are required.  Mid-calf and higher – No ankle socks.


Most kids were them to the parade instead of taking the chance of forgetting them.


We will have water coolers, but a water bottle never hurts.


Zimmerman does not feed the kids after the parade.  Please pack a lunch and snack.**


Always plan for… “The Show Will Go On”.  Just know that these kids are our #1 priority.  They will not be marching in lightening, hail, during tornado warnings, etc.  If it becomes necessary, parade officials have emergency shelters to take the kids (schools/ churches/ community centers).  If you would like to discuss this topic further, please send a note and someone will be in touch with you.


If you would like to help at the parade tomorrow, please send an email to Dawn Saxton at  dwsaxton21978@gmail.com .  Only so many people are able to help, so please make sure Dawn has you on the list.

I hope I didn’t forget anything.  If I did, you’ll be hearing from me again  J

Have a Safe Memorial Weekend.    ~ Eileen

*if your cadet has not been given their t-shirt prior to saturday morning, they should wear a black short sleeved t-shirt to Zimmerman.


**in the future, after the trailer is set-up, we will have snacks available.