Jun 17

Brooklyn Park Parade Recap

Class A 2nd Place Trophy

Last night (6/16/11), the Cadets competed in the Brooklyn Park Tater Days parade. This event marked the first time this season that we would face Waconia and Owatonna in direct competition. As expected, the kids did not let us down. As we moved into the judging area, everyone had their game face on and delivered a polished performance. While we can note that the final score shows we finished in second place with Waconia taking first place in Class 1A, it should also be noted that in the five categories we were judged in, we actually scored higher than Waconia in two! What an achievement!

The weather started out just a bit warm, but by the time we hit the street it was beautiful, we had a good sized crowd welcome us and many positive comments were heard as we moved through the route. The spectators are starting to remember who we are, and I even heard one or two mention that they saw us last year, and were not surprised by our great performance. Well done, Cadets! You are making your presence known!

After our performance was done, we moved over to the carnival area and enjoyed a delicious dinner provided by the parade organizers – yum! Many of our group then moved back on to the parade route and were fortunate to witness Owatonna and Waconia as they showed their stuff to the crowds.

After the parade wrapped up, we gathered on the soccer fields for the awards ceremony. After watching the precision of the drum majors’ entrance, all were waiting with anticipation as the top finishers were announced. Receiving the trophy for placing in the top three in our class was a great feeling, but I have to say my personal high for the event was watching as our Cadets stood as a group and acknowledged the first place winners in each division. Such a show of respect was really a sight to behold, and it did not go unnoticed by other parade goers. I was stopped by several members of Waconia’s parent group; they were so impressed by the kids and they wanted me to share that with them and all of you. Again… well done, Cadets! You are making your presence known!

Now, let’s bring on Owatonna and Waconia!

Nancy Tracy
728 Cadets President