Jun 19

Owatonia Day 2011

The Morning

Owatonna 2011 Class AA Champions

The morning and the day went very well, rain or shine our band was on the road bright and early to Owatonna and then on to Waconia. Everyone seemed to have some level of anticipation for what this day would bring and how we would do. This was our first double parade day and there would be competition from all over the state converging on both sites.

Owatonna was great, they gave us an entire street to use and we did. Each section broke out and did their warm up. The weather was good if you like warm and sticky so it was another typical parade day. The route is flat and the crowds were large. We played our show “Alice” and we heard appreciation for music and show alike in each of the three play areas.

So the Bands were typically tough, the Lancers, Milaca, Waconia and Sauk Rapids just to name some of them. The awards were fun with so fun music I enjoyed as much as all of the kids did. There were flag races and fun while we waited for the 2PM award time.

The awards we brought home really showed that we are working the right music and the show that will take us to even more than we had done in previous years. We won these awards in Class AA, Best in Marching and Maneuvering, Drumline, and Hornline, along with taking Best in Class and #1 in the AA competition with a score of 75.45. What a way to start the day.

With the show, “Alice”, the Colorguard, gives the crowd a story to follow. It’s a unique vision, from the costumes to the tea tables they perform on and every step in between, her team has brought the music to life and connects will all spectators, young and old.

The Cadets did a terrific job and the Directors led by Tom Gallus have really made the 728 Cadets into budding champions. This was a great start to our double header parade day, now it was back to the busses and off to Waconia before the rains set in.

The Afternoon

Waconia 2011 Class AA Champions

We drove through rain all the way to Waconia, they seemed to let up a bit for the first 45 minutes and then really kicked in so everyone headed for the dry busses until it passed. Then it was back outside and into line up and heading to the step off point. Luckilly it was a little cooler than the morning step off and again there was anticipation for the parade among everyone in our group.

We had one warm up performance before the judging area. It looked and sounded great as I took video of the show. Then to the judging area, it was packed with people. As I tried to find a place to get video I found that the flatbed gave me a great vantage point. The Cadets made the most of this performance. I was close to the Red Shirts and could hear them talking into their recorders. The performance ended and the precision was awesome, I heard him say into his recorder, Nice, nice nice and I knew we had really given them what we intended, a solid and precision performance that would put the 728 Cadets in solid standing for some recognition. The parade continued on and we again gave the final performance the same fun and special flavor as in each of the earlier performances of the day.

After getting everything packed up it was off to get a bite to eat and off to the awards. Here we experienced our first win at Waconia with the Flag Race around the track with David Dechaine leaving everyone in the vapor that filled the air. What amazes me is two parades, warm ups and practice’ and a couple hundred miles on the bus and he still can burn past everyone else on the track, that is the pride and ability that is apparent in all of the 728 Cadets.

The Waconia awards went to three classes. With the winners in the other classes being Litchfield in Class A, and Park Center taking AAA we found ourselves in great company. In Class AA the 728 Cadets Drumline took the honors as “Best in Class” for the second time today. The Class AA Champion was the 728 Cadets with a score of 79.9, an amazing feeling to be part of such a great group of people. We congratulate each of the Cadets and each of the Directors led by Tom Gallus’ vision and show development to get everyone ready for this parade season.

We would also like to make special mention of the following volunteers; Paul and Howie, our bus drivers, who make sure we get to where we are going safely and on time. Howie, we love the coach busses – bring them whenever you want! Also, Don Walentiny for pulling the trailer this weekend; and all the parent volunteers who graciously donated their time and energy, doing everything from loading the trailers to doing headcounts at each stop to make sure we left with everyone we came with. Well done – we have so many to thank we will just give a global thank you for this and every parade this season.

Our next parades are another double on Saturday at St. Cloud and Rogers , then on to Alexandria for the Sunday parade and finally Monday we’ll be in Roseville. Keep doing the things you have and we will continue to show who we are in the next parades. Thanks for a great day and keep drinking plenty of water and sleeping until noon.

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