Jun 12

The 2011 Season Has A Bright Start

By Ken Tracy

The 2011 season has now begun and so far we have marched in 3 parades. Beginning with Zimmerman where we began at a home parade. There was no judging here, just a fun day to get out and entertain some great people in a 728 community.

We then went to Waite Park for our first parade where we performed our 2011 show called “Alice”. The crowds were again great and they enjoyed the elements of music, a spectacular color guard show and the choreography of the band showed the crowd some amazing and fun entertainment.

Today we had our first competition parade at Albertville. There were top bands from several towns around the region. The weather cooperated, it stayed cool and the crowds were huge and filled with kids, parents and grandparents. Friendly City Days lives up to it’s name. Our kids and the band known to all as the 728 Cadets continued to work and gave the crowd and the judges what they were looking for. We took 1st place with a 74.5 overall score. The Cadets are pumped up and they should be.

Next week we have parades on Thursday and Saturday. Thursday will be our first time going to the Brooklyn Park Tater days. Then Saturday will be a double header, beginning with the Owatonna Band Festival and then to the Waconia Band Festival. This will be a long day where we will meet other top bands from across Minnesota. This will require our “A” game and I know the Cadets are up to the task.

This week there are practices and marching for Moola on Tuesday so be sure to keep yourself in top form. Eat well, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep to feel good in the morning. As a parent I want to tell you how proud I am for each of the Cadets and the Directors who have helped each of you to learn the show. To win in Albertville is a nice start but the season is young and there are many more parades and some very big Marching Bands that want to win so you Cadets need to be ready to show your best at each and every parade in the 2011 season.