Jul 19

IMPORTANT – Aquatenial Parade Waiver

Hello Everyone ~
The Aquatenial Parade requires a Health Form and Waiver for each Cadet participating in the parade.

The Health Form we had everyone complete at the beginning of the season is acceptable, so we do not need to have everyone complete and sign another.

However, the Waiver is specific to this parade.  It needs to be completed and signed by a parent or Guardian.

The forms only arrived last week and there was no time to hand them out to the kids and then rely on them being returned in time, and to the correct persons, so…

We are designating Tom Gallus (head director) as Guardian for this event.  He will sign each waiver for the cadets participating.

If you are not comfortable with this arrangement, please sign and complete the attachment along with your child, and have them hand it into Nancy Tracy on Wednesday  -or-  Scan it and return it via email before Wednesday at noon.

Thank you   ~ Eileen

Click to open Document: Waiver – Aquatennial