Mar 28

3/26 Parent Meeting Highlights

If you were unable to attend Monday’s Parent Meeting, I will try to cover the points of interest and then some here;

 The 728 Cadets Board Members for 2012 are…

Nancy Tracy          President

Randy Kvalheim       Vice-President

Cindy Meyer          Treasurer

Katie Alfveby         Secretary

Sarah Schultz        Uniforms

Dawn Saxton          Volunteer Coordinator

Paul Meyer            Transportation

Eileen Schuck         Communication

Tammy Schunk        Member-At-Large

 Attached is the most current calendar.  PLEASE go through and make sure you match the dates to your calendar.  A few practices were moved, added or changed.  Also, the Sherburne County parade date was corrected.

 Parade sheets were available at the meeting for people to sign-up for as volunteers.  Don’t fret, there are still openings.  If you have a particular parade or event you are certain you want to volunteer for now, send an email to Dawn Saxton.  She will be delighted to assign you a spot.  dwsaxton21978@gmail.com

 Emails will go out the week before every event requesting volunteers to fill open spots and/or to reminding volunteers about the position they already requested.   

 I you already know of a parade or practice that your child will miss, please go to the website and complete the Absence Request Form now.  The sooner the directors are aware of absences, the sooner they can make any necessary or possible adjustments.


 We are still looking for recruits!  Especially for Honor Guard.

 I normally try to respond to each email that comes into the Cadets email account, but am a little strapped for time this week, so I hope I got everyone’s questions answered here.  If not, please ask again.  :)

Thank you!    ~ Eileen