May 01

Rehearsals / Deadlines / Fundraisers

Friday 5-4
Rehearsal – ALL
6-9:00 RHS

Saturday 5-5
Rehearsal – ALL
9:00-6:00 RHS
Lunch Provided

Sunday 5-6
Rehearsal – ALL
11:00-6:00 RHS

Deadline this Friday, May 4th

Friday, May 11th
Please register by May 9th
We will be leaving Rogers High School at 4pm and getting back to Rogers around 11:30pm. We will be playing bingo and 50/50 raffles on the bus ride down. There will be ‘door’ prizes and refreshments as well. With every registration form you get a TIC players club card and $3.00 off at any TIC restaurant. With the card, the casino is able to record what you play. The band then gets a percentage of those proceeds.

The River Valley Winter Guard will be manning the brat stand Friday-Sunday from 10:30-6:30. Stop in and buy a brat or hot dog! If you are able to help them out, please let me know.

MALMBORG’S Garden Center
May 6th – May 12th: The Rogers HS Band is participating in a fundraiser with Malmborg’s Garden Center. You take the attached flyer in anytime and as many times as you want next week, and give it to the cashier when you are checking out. The band gets 10% of the pre-tax proceeds.

Please note: The City of Rogers has asked that people do not park in the cul-de-sac just outside the band room exit. People can temporarily use the area to unload and load kids, lunch, etc., but long term parking is prohibited.

Sell Those Tickets! (please & thank you)

Thank you ~ Eileen