Jun 22

Alexandria Weekend Update

Hello Everyone ~
Below are links to this weekend’s parade routes.  St. Cloud & Alexandria have judging marked.  Roseville, I’m guessing the “ ! “ symbols are where the bands are expected to perform.  Rogers, there are no indications for performances or judging. However, over the last four years, the bands have always performed in front of the announcers table, and that table has been set-up in front of the Rogers Community Center on Memorial Drive.  Please remember that we are only sharing this info, and outside of the judging areas, performance locations are never a guarantee.

ST CLOUD: Parade Map

ROGERS: Parade Map



In the Morning:
Drop the kids off at the High School (even if you see buses over at the middle school)

Overnight Parking for those going to Alexandria:
In the past, we have had people (parents and kids) park along the North side of the Middle School parking lot.  The side of the lot that runs parallel with 141st Avenue.  This keeps the cars visible overnight.  However, you can park anywhere you like, except for the Ice Rink lot and behind the Middle School.  We inform the Rogers Police Department, so they are aware that cars will be there overnight.

Please have your Cadet pack light. (remember the swim suit!)

Pack your cadet a lunch for Saturday.  They will be getting a small meal after the Rockin’ Rogers parade, but that will not be until around 2/2:30.  They will get a Pizza dinner in Alexandria that evening.  Sunday morning there will be breakfast for them.  Send them with money – in the past they have stopped for dinner on the way back to Rogers.

If you are unable to make it to Alexandria on Sunday, there will be a video you can order.  I have ordered one each year and they are worth the price.
Click for Excellent Multimedia,

It’s going to be an amazing weekend!!!    ~ Eileen