Jun 26

What A Week… now to relax and reflect

Now that the week is almost over for the Marching Band it’s a good time to share some thoughts about the weekend’s parades. I can say that this was a marathon weekend and really puts miles on the Cadets, volunteers, Directors and the parents who came along for the ride. Each and every one of you has earned a few days off and I hope you spend them doing something you really enjoy.

So, backing up to Saturday we began with the Granite City Parade in St. Cloud. The buses were revved and ready with Paul and Howie as our Co Captains for the ships. We sailed to St. Cloud and kicked it off. We did well with 2nd in class AA and also overall with 82.1 and a caption award in Color Guard.

Our next stop was back in Rogers for the Rockin Rogers Parade. We were Host band so the score didn’t count for us. The Litchfield Marching Dragons did win the overall event with their 86.4. Everyone had a great time from our hometown fans and family to the Cadets themselves who put on 3 great shows.

After Rogers we loaded up the buses and headed for Alexandria. Saturday night was Pizza, pool and volleyball with some skits thrown in by some amazing groups of kids. Saturday is a favorite for the kids because they decide what they want to do and who they want to do it with and as long as they are in their rooms by 11 we just let ‘em run.

Sunday morning was breakfast by the pool and we had another great morning seeing the sleepy heads as they arrived to eat. I would say that this year the kids were more awake than last but it was great to see them all arrive once again. They had some more time for volleyball and then packed up and we headed over for a quick stop for lunch and then off to the staging area.

At the staging area they warmed up, practiced music, movement and ran though the show a couple times. Then it was off on the buses to the parade start and a little more preparation.

The parade went great, we scored well, actually 3rd overall with an 86.5, but 2nd to the Mankato Lancers scored an 89.7 on the AAAA class. The overall winner and Grand champion and Class AAA winner was Park Center who scored with a very impressive 91.5 and also took home horn line, drumline and color guard captions in their class.

After this weekend we headed back to Rogers arriving at 9PM. I’m sure that everyone had to have slept well Sunday night after the weekend we all had.

As for the Cadets, they are such a great group of kids who really work hard and are able to do things that they had no idea they could. The fact that they march in the heat, move with precision and flair while playing their instrument or performing in the color guard is just amazing to me. They do it for so many individual reasons, but most of all they do it for them, The Cadets as they are a team, a family and 85 friends who show everyone that you can have fun, work hard and show off a little and still have great character. There is a quote from a Cadet alumnus, who sums it up quite nicely:

“What is a Cadet?”:
A Cadet is defined through action not intention; they work hard, play hard and rest easy. They are generous, kind, determined and proud of who they are. Uniform or no uniform, they remain a Cadet.
~Jessica Parnow ’2011