Jun 10

WOW! What A Start

Sartell 2012

This was our first big weekend with 3 parades to march. Starting on Saturday with Sartell, then Waite Park and then Sunday was Albertville. Oh, it was plenty hot too.

Sartell was great, a good mile up the river road. Also our first judged parade. We took our show, Tribal and gave it what we had. Our score was 73.7 and that good enough to take the AA and overall scoring for the day.

Waite Park was not a judged parade but important as well. Everyone was feeling a bit more confident and also less stressed. The kids enjoyed the parade and they looked and sounded great too. The crowd was also really showering the kids with kind words too.

Albertville was as always a fun parade. The people are great and the route a nice straight shot through the heart of the town. This was judged and we took the top points with 74.3 in the open class.

It was an excellent start to this year’s season. The weeks ahead will be filled with much more competition and hot and sunny parade routes. We want to thank our parent volunteers who really give us an edge so that the Directors can just work the kids and focus on the days event. We have most of the season to go and this week looks like a real big and busy one for the kids and those actively involved to get ready for Owatonnia next weekend.

What a great start to an exciting season for us all.