Jul 13

A “Tribal” Season Recap

This season of “Tribal” has come to a close with the Maple Grove Parade on Thursday. This was a culmination of a second straight winning season where crowds were inspired by the “People’s Choice” band known as the 728 Cadets. We who support the Cadets really enjoyed watching you, hearing your music and seeing others who don’t know you respond to your energy and passion.

Now that this amazing season is in the books, I have compiled some numbers that show what was accomplished. They are impressive if I might add.

Marched 17
Judged 11
Average score 81.32
High Score 93

1st 8
2nd 2
3rd 1

Grand Champion 2
People’s Choice 2

Color Guard 3
Marching & Maneuvering 1
Drumline 1
Hornline 1
Drum Majors 1

What I see reflected here is hard work from winners who give their all to what they do. You can be very proud of your accomplishments and of who you are. Your 728 Cadets and those who know you are proud too. Have a great summer and we’ll see you next year for another great parade season.