Jul 15

Banquet Today: Monday 7/16

Monday (7/16) is the 728 Cadets Banquet.   :)

This will be a pot luck, so please open this attachment for your pot luck assignments.

Food, awards, pictures and fun!

The banquet is a great way for the kids and their families to wrap-up the season.

This is also when uniforms are handed in.  Bibs, jackets and gloves should be washed before returning.  Do not wash the gauntlets.  Gauntlets and gloves should be placed in the secret compartment of the garment bag – please, not in the Shako box.  Please, NO DIRTY SOCKS or shoes in the garment bags.  And, finally, if you have new shoes that were unusually worn out, please bring them with.  Otherwise, you keep your Dinkles.

Thank you  ~ Eileen

Location              Rogers Community Center
21201 Memorial Drive
Rogers, MN
Volunteers          6:00 PM
Food Set-Up       6:30
Start – Eat           7:00
Awards                7:30/45
End & Clean-Up by 9:00 PM