Jul 06

Kindness From Our Fans Is Great To Hear

This thing I have noticed and more importantly the crowds have noticed is who the 728 Cadets are. In each and every parade we march we hear really great people making comments; saying nice things about us, our music and how impressed they are. When the people attending parades across Minnesota are all saying great things it is my hope that the kids and their families.

Here are just a few of the comments I have seen on Facebook and that have been shared through our website.

“…if it’s who I think is coming around the corner, you’re in for a real treat! Yes folks, it’s them, get ready for a great show…here come the Cadets…!” – just a small part of the the commentary from the Isanti parade.

Also we heard this…

In Austin, I heard you were “elaborate”, “intense”, “original”, and other positive feedback, and so many people thanked us for coming. In Blooming Prairie, I heard “amazing”, “awesome” and other positive feedback, and again, so many people thanked us for coming.

And this one through email on the website:

My two kids (ages 6 and 2) and I, along with my parents, had the privilege of seeing your group perform on the 4th of July at the parade in Austin, MN. Your group did an outstanding job! It was an EXTREMELY hot day, yet your group performed all along the parade route and entertained everyone. I certainly hope your group returns to perform at that parade again! Thank you for the wonderful performance!
- April

I want to thank the communities, the crowds, and all of the 728 Cadets supporters who say great and encouraging things everywhere we go. The kids really appreciate hearing your kind words so please keep it up.