Jul 06

Next Week (basically the last week) with Eileen

Did I not say this would fly by!  Still catches me off guard.

Shoes:  If you received a pair on NEW shoes this year (BP or CG) and they are already worn through, please contact Sarah Schultz.  sarahrschultz@hotmail.com

Sunday                       07-08
Starbuck Parade

10:00am Report to RHS
10:30 Buses Depart
1:30 Parade Begins

Cannot find a map or route info :(

Please pack a snack and/or lunch. Send money, they will be stopping on the way back for food.

Wednesday               07-11
6-9 Rehearsal RHS

Thursday                   07-12
Maple Grove Parade

1:30pm   Report to RHS
2:00       Buses Depart
5:00       Parade Starts
6:00       Approx Step-off
10:30     Approx Arrival Home

Again, not finding a map, but the parade route is pretty simple. Straight shot down 89th Avenue from Zachary Lane to Elm Creek Blvd.  There are two spots we are required to play: Judging  &  Cable TV Filming – Last year there was signage.

Saturday                   07-14
DCI – TCF Bank Stadium 

Monday                      07-16
728 Cadet Band Banquet

6:30   Rogers Community Center  *

Pictures                     ?
Still Working On :)   *

*Additional info will be coming.

~ Eileen