Aug 18

Special Practice & Performance in August

Hey Gang! I hope the last half of your summer was as amazing as the first half! I read a lot of Facebook posts saying how bored some of you were without marching band. That is always fun to hear :-)

I have some great news for you all! The 728 School District has asked if all of the 728 Cadets could play their 2012 show for the ENTIRE school district staff on Thursday August 30th. Don’t freak out just yet… it will only be a stand still, but this is an amazing opportunity to get the word out about how awesome your organization is!

The performance will take place in the theater at Elk River high school (time is yet unknown, but assuming during the day) and expect a packed house. Now, you haven’t played your music in a while, but that is OK. We are planning a practice in the Elk River HS band room Tuesday the 27th from 7:00 to 8:30 to rehearse the music and route we will be taking into the theater. Please, please, please go over your music at least twice before the full ensemble rehearsal. They would like us to be in full uniform, so hopefully you still know where your Dinkles are :)

Make sure you get the word out to all the 728 Cadets that “TRIBAL” will have one last go!

Thanks and miss you all!

See you on the 27th

Tom Gallus