Feb 06

Who knew we had Rock Stars in Osseo?

Who knew we had Rock Stars in Osseo?
By Nancy Tracy

On Saturday, February 2, the North Star Circuit hosted the Scholastic Competition for the Winter Guard teams from several surrounding communities.  River Valley Winter Guard was one of the teams, along with Irondale, Eden Prairie, Park Center, Osseo, and six other schools from the surrounding communities.  As the audience arrived and we all took our seats, there were lots of friendly faces – all were there to support a friend or loved one, and everyone was excited and eager to see the performances.

As the first team took the floor, the first of 11 teams in Scholastic A, the kids did not disappoint.  I was struck by the amount of talent we are favored with in this area of the country.  The young men and women who form these units are dedicated, talented and energetic individuals; coming together to tell their story, using props and music, and of course, their hearts.

As we were treated to each team’s vision, the crowd showed their appreciation through clapping and shouts of encouragement.  It should be noted that this was done even if a flag, rifle or sabre hit the floor.  It seemed to me that the verbal and audible encouragement was just a bit louder on the ‘drops’.  We let the kids know that we were behind them, 100%.  And even more special, the competing teams would come into the gym, and support the other teams.  Their support was almost louder than ours.

River Valley was scheduled exactly in the middle of the pack.  They moved onto the performance area, and as a fluid team, told their tale of the little girl who had to depart this life too early.  The angels moved around their little charge, preparing the way for her.  As the show reaches the pivotal point, we hear her mother reading a favorite poem; as mom says goodbye, the angels escort our little lady home.  The effect is powerful, and there were several tears being wiped away throughout the audience.

As the remaining teams told their stories, the crowd was equally and continually supportive of each effort.  As the competition concluded for Scholastic A, we had been treated to 11 diverse and imaginative performances, and as I indicated earlier – we are blessed with an amazing amount of talent in this area.  After a short intermission, it was time to see the 4 units who would perform in the open class.

By the time the first two entrants had completed their routines, most of the Scholastic A competitors had taken their places in the stands.  As MBI indoor took the floor, the energy level was palpable in the gym.  By now, the parents and friends/family members recognized that several members of the MBI team serve as assistants on many of the teams that had just completed.  The MBI show did not disappoint – it was flashy and energetic and thoroughly entertaining.  Next up — True North.

This team counts many directors of the performing teams as their members.  Our director, Sarah Gallus, is one.  As True North entered and began to set up, the cacophony was ear splitting.  The kids made sure that these people; their teachers, coaches, mentors, directors – they all knew where their kids were in the audience.  As True North moved through their performance, our kids got a feel for what the future could hold for them, if they choose to pursue performance art after they graduate.

After we enjoyed the True North performance, we had time to watch the kids out on the gym floor, greeting and congratulating their directors and each other.  They were dancing, laughing and completely at ease with themselves and each other.  Very fun to experience.

Now, for the hard part.  Soon, it was time to announce the placement based on the judges’ observations.  The guard captains for each performing team filed out and lined up in front of the stands.  It was time for the results.  Starting with 11th place in Scholastic A, each team was recognized for their accomplishments.  All of a sudden, with some mild surprise, we realized that River Valley had not yet been called, and we had the top three positions to be awarded.

Third place, Eden Prairie High School; as this information settled in, I noticed that the girls in RVWG were somewhat stunned by this turn of events.  It was time to hear second place… Park Center High School.  Wow – let this sink in…  River Valley Winter Guard was announced as the first place team.  As that knowledge sank in, I believe the girls started to realize that all the hard work, long practices, sore muscles, bumps, bruises, and missed social activities – all of it suddenly became very worth it.

So, as I stated earlier – who knew there were Rock Stars in Osseo on Saturday?  Every single person in the Osseo High School gym knew it; we knew it and reveled in that knowledge.

Well done, ladies and gentlemen; well done.