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Volunteers are needed for the Winter Arts Festival Saturday, March 9th, 2013 to be held at the Elk River High School. Complete the form below to volunteer at the show.  Thank you for your help!

Winter Arts Festival Volunteer Sign-up

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  • Used only the day of the Home Show.
  • Are you their mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend etc.
  • Volunteer Area of Interest

    (Most volunteers will need to be available starting late morning on Saturday 3/9/13. We are aware there is an ERHS Jazz Band Event the evening of 3/9, and can coordinate your volunteering to be finished by that time.)
    2-3 volunteers needed. Duties: help out with the home show parent meetings, advance and on-site coordinating of duties before and during the event, provide directional signs for the school, step in any role at a moment’s notice, deal with any emergencies the day of the event so the directors can focus on the students and their performance.
    10-16 volunteers needed. Duties: be a friendly face to host a drumline throughout the day. Hosts will provide each drumline with their packet of information, make sure they understand the layout and flow of the show, guide and stay with them at each space from warm up through the end of the performance back to their home room.
    4-8 volunteers needed. Duties: ensure the grounds are safe; watch the doors so no one gets in during performances.
    4-8 volunteers needed. Duties: ensure the grounds are safe; watch the doors so no one gets in during performances.
    4-8 volunteers needed. Duties: Obtain show tickets (or hand stamp), sell tickets/admissions at the door prior and during the show, make sure no one enters the show without paying admission, keep track of ticket sales and revenue.
    2-4 volunteers needed. Duties: distribute posters around Elk River and Rogers, contact local papers with press release info and coordinate paid advertisement (if necessary).
    3-6 volunteers needed, plus one adult. Duties: the runners sit near each judge and are handed a paper and tape after each performance to bring to the tabulator quickly, and then return to their post before the next performance begins. They will continue this for the whole show. Runners may be younger siblings ages 8 and up. One adult is needed to supervise and coordinate this group.
    1-2 volunteers needed. Duties: solicit and collect auction items, create the silent auction forms, set up and supervise the auction table, distributing items and collect money at the conclusion of the auction.
    1-2 volunteers needed. Duties: sell raffle tickets at the event, handle the money and coordinate the drawing at the conclusion of the show.
    1 person. Duties: this person tabulates scores and burns CDs for the show. He/she must supply a laptop computer with Microsoft Excel CD burning software *(to create music CDs) and have two available USB ports: one for the digital recorder, and the other for the external burner.
    3-6 volunteers needed. Duties: route bus drivers and trailers prior to and during the show to the unloading zone and parking, make sure the directional signs are placed appropriately (arrows point in the correct direction) and handle any general confusion outside.
    3-4 volunteers needed. Duties: coordinate the judge’s room, provide complimentary food and beverage for all of the judges and drumline staffs, provide plates, napkins, utensils, decorations, etc. Ideally most items will be donated, but a budget may be provided for paper products.
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